The Gifts of Autumn

As I watch the radiant hues of Autumn spring forth over the land, the trees beaming with change, and carpeting the pastures and hillsides with golden leaves, I consider the immense anticipation this time of year brings. It is a season of preparation for Winter, a time when our energies draw in to reflective spaces. It is also a time when I consider our Winter skijor and sledding activities. This year brings a special excitement also with the arrival of the “B of Intention Hill” Litter, affectionately referred to as the “Beez.”

On October 2nd between 9:05am and 11:20am, Savannah delivered her six puppies, four girls and two boys. The puppies are lovely reds and fawns, fairly consistent in appearance, but having a split in sizes much like the A Litter. Their arrival felt surprising, as I was counting on 2-3 more days, and noting that Savannah’s milk wasn’t running as it had with her first litter. In fact I was preparing to head to the veterinary clinic for her xray when she was frantically in first stage labor. I’d missed her temperature drop, though might have caught the tail end of it. I came home Tuesday to see she’d had a rough day, and the next morning, she began labor in earnest. But I was still surprised. A couple weeks later a friend’s litter also came in four days before expected, and was the earliest whelp she’d had in her many years of breeding. We decided it was the moon. In any case, the Beez arrived in fine form. They are a vocal bunch, creating a chorus of trills, yips, yaps, puppy barks and howls.

This year’s whelping area is the same as for the A’s, in that it’s the walk-in closet space. The space has a linoleum floor, but no door, making it an easy place to observe them and visit them, yet protect them from most drafts. It provides enough shelter to keep it warm in the chilly Autumn of Montana. They have a heat lamp and the primary room space has a radiator. I didn’t use the wood whelping box sides this time. I put primary colored anti-fatigue mats down, creating a nursery style look, and created pig rails with 4″ PVC. This box has less bedding than the A’s because with no sides to keep the blankets down, Savannah creates mountains of bedding for puppies to get buried in. It’s worked fantastic, is easy to keep clean, and is nicely roomy.

As the puppies emerged, I found myself noting the similarities and differences between them and the A’s. Choosing their ribbon colors was like matching crayons to auras. It was easy. It’s amazing that even a newborn baby exudes a radiant aura… they emerge from the womb fully alive with the potential of their entire life, just as a seed carries the potential of an entire tree.

Red Girl is fairly independent and strong. She can frequently be seen touring the whelping den, and yipping, as though trying to see if each section of the whelping box will sound precisely the same as the next. She is not particularly needy, though not overtly independent. She’s a nice sized puppy, and should be a nice deep fawn or mahogany.

Pink Girl is fairly a mystery to me. While Pink is clearly the color she expresses to me, she is not the same kind of Pink that came through in the A Litter. This Pink Girl is as much as beautiful devi as Pinkie (A’s), but she is also fierce. She is Kali. She also is very vocal. She was born with considerable white on her paws and chest, but this is filling in with fawn. She’ll still have white on her chest. She is the first that I observed in a puppy “tantrum.” I went to pick her up and she wrinkled her little face up in a complete tyrade and let out a screech that only a cat could admire. Of course she settled in to appreciate back scratches and tummy rubs. She is a lovely puppy, very expressive, loves to cuddle, but is also a strong presence. I expect great things from her.

Green Girl was initially a very strong presence in the whelping den. At first she seemed the clear alpha of the girls, but her early lead has tapered as Pink Girl and Red Girl have exceeded her size in weight and attitude. We’ll see what Green Girl brings as her flowers blossom. I predict a strong and intelligent thinker, like her big sister Abhithi (A’s).

Yellow Girl is a flower. I cannot say it in any better way. She is a fascinating golden nugget amid a sea of red puppies. She is beautifully feminine, and quiet. She snuggles comfortably under the puppy pile, or in my lap. She is no pushover however, and as the puppies begin to play, she engages equally with her somewhat larger siblings. I predict a sweet and very loyal girl with plenty of drive and highly biddable. I also predict she will be a nice compact little pocket rocket, like her mother Savannah.

Orange Boy was an early and clear choice for the famous “Orange Boy Genre.” He has been highly active, frequently touring the whelping box, and showed a clear advantage in scent development over his siblings. This is not to say that all things won’t be equal with this skill, just that he had earlier development. Orange Boy is vocal, strong, and confident. While he can seem very independent, he will always be found sleeping in the puppy heap, and also likes to snuggle. He was the first to venture outside the whelping box, the first to investigate new toys in the whelping box and I predict a very agile boy with great problem solving skills. I also predict he will be into everything and will demand and occupation.

Aqua Boy… what to say about “Boris.” He’s huge. He has grown more per day than his siblings, and on this day is nearly a full pound heavier than the others. He is arrogant and independent. He has no need for anybody, yet enjoys company. He is happy to sleep alone or to spread himself over top of his siblings for warmth and cushion. He was first to splash his way into the milk pan for their first puppy meal at 3 weeks (goat milk). He can be strong in his resistance to early neuro-stimulation, and on one day that I trimmed his nails, he held onto my knuckle the entire time, with his toothless mouth. I love his strong presence, and clear leadership. I believe he will be very much like his father Gabbit, strong, and a real work horse, with a strong desire to please.

Please visit the puppies on their Facebook page (click here) to see their photos and videos.


About Intention Hill

Intention Hill is the name of my collective hobbies of raising Blackbelley Sheep, Belgian Shepherds, and art. The name stems from time spent with Gurumayi Chivilasananda, and the power of intention, and the many sacred events on Topovan in Ganeshpuri, India.
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2 Responses to The Gifts of Autumn

  1. Carina says:

    Aww, yellow girl sounds just like Serenade from my litter. I ended up not being able to sell her. ❤

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