Growing up a Bee.

The “Beez” are growing so beautiful. They are playful, and vocal, and each has so much personality. Red Girl and Aqua Boy have developed the most beautiful watchful sits when they just want to observe something. Often I will be sitting with the puppies, and all of them in my lap, but then those two will sit back, as though waiting politely for their own opportunity for private attention.

Each day I try to bring something new to their lives, either a new toy, a new scent, new sound, new person or dog, or new environment to explore. They went outside for the first time on their 4 week birthday, and met Joseph, one of my Livestock Guardian Dogs.

belgian sheepdog puppy with LGD

Pink Girl of the B litter meets Joseph (LGD), on her 4 week birthday

They went outside then again two days later, and met a toddler and his father.

Each morning, the puppies go to a playpen in the living room, which is where the crates are for the adults. The adults are only in crates for meal time, times when I’m away from home, or times when I want to give them some privacy to chew on a bone, or I need to clean house or something. It’s also the room with the dog yard access, so it is here that the puppies witness the most activity of the house. At night, the puppies return to the whelping “den” so that we are all sleeping in the same room. At first, I carried the puppies in their green basket.

puppies carry basket

The “Beez” are carried in this basket when going outside.

This morning, the puppies said they wanted to follow me to their playpen, instead of being carried. It’s probably what I started yesterday when we were outside. It took very little effort to call the puppies, as one would expect. So this morning when I had two puppies in my arms and was headed to the playpen, one popped over the barrier to follow. So I put the two in hand on the ground, opened the barrier, and off we went as a family, me, Savannah and six little beez.

It’s so nice to have two places for them, so one can be cleaned and set up with surprises while the other is occupied. Today they got an empty toilet paper roll. Yes this is a magical thing. The puppies have many toys, including wool balls, rubber balls, Tuffy balls, Tuffy animals, teddy bears, rubber Dynomite. But their favorite things today are their plastic water bottle which crunches loudly, their new cardboard, and their plastic infant bumble bee that is strapped to the side of the xpen. The bee has a hard plastic body, but soft head, and the wings are fabric with krinkle inside. The puppies pull on the wings and it makes the bee body flash a red light. They of course love their My Pal Scout also.

After arriving to their play pen, they enjoyed some raw goat milk with ground lamb and natural anthelmintic (DE, Rascal and GSE) and vitamin C, followed by some play time and a washing by their sister Aarti. Aarti has taken Nanny duty very seriously. She bathes them, “nurses” them (no milk) and is very concerned for their constant supervision. Last night I had to take her out to her crate because Savannah wasn’t going in to nurse them. It’s lovely to see natural mothering skills in any bitch like that. Savannah allows all the girls to visit the puppies now, but doesn’t want the boys to even look at them yet. With their great love and need to chew on things, due to teething, they were given a nice elk bone to rip some flesh from. They needed no instruction, and set to the work of tearing at it.

puppy with bone

The puppies are wanting to chew on things so much, they got to tear up a meaty elk bone.

The puppies are showing beautiful social temperaments, all of them are biting very hard, are coming towards all sorts of sounds, demanding interaction with the adult dogs and loving all their human interactions equally.

About Intention Hill

Intention Hill is the name of my collective hobbies of raising Blackbelley Sheep, Belgian Shepherds, and art. The name stems from time spent with Gurumayi Chivilasananda, and the power of intention, and the many sacred events on Topovan in Ganeshpuri, India.
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