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Mercy! Took five puppies out to the hay feeder to play. They raced around and had a blast. Aqua Boy busied himself exploring scents up higher in the feeder, perhaps the fragrant mixture of sheep poo and wool? 😛

We got back to the house to find one Miss Red had awakened from her slumber. As the puppies had begun to bring me pieces of linoleum from their castle, I felt it necessary to take them back outside, and give Miss Red a stretch of time on the hay. So off we went.

All the puppies now go up and down the stairs. Benazir (the incomparable Miss Pink) is the wildest of the bunch, and the prankster. She likes to dive bomb everyone, and will play equally with the adults and the puppies. She bites hard, and loves pressure while on the bite.

After our walk out to the hay and play time, and the walk back, there are now six puppies passed out quietly in their castle. Said castle was freshly mucked out today, and given fresh hay and wood pellets. Long gone are the blankets that once made soft comfy beds. Just too much laundry to do when this group of puppies is so messy, and insists on peeing on blankets.


About Intention Hill

Intention Hill is the name of my collective hobbies of raising Blackbelley Sheep, Belgian Shepherds, and art. The name stems from time spent with Gurumayi Chivilasananda, and the power of intention, and the many sacred events on Topovan in Ganeshpuri, India.
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