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Sea Urchins

The C Litter of Intention Hill (The Seas) are developing very nicely. They’ve followed a path that primarily seems a week in advance of the A’s and Beez. That is to say that their development seems a bit more advanced … Continue reading

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The Development of the Future Soul Mate

It seems everyone has a formula for the success of their puppies. There is the “Super Puppy Program” which hinges on early neuro-stimulation and stressors scientifically “proven” to increase your puppy’s ability to handle stress as an adult. There are … Continue reading

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Swarming Beez

The early morning began with a little escape from the puppies night time Hive. One Miss Pink Girl was exploring the bedroom, unimpeded, as her family watched on. After situating the adults and lone juvenile, I released the Beez from … Continue reading

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Many Gifts

It’s been so long since I have posted in my blog – but this happens. I have posted on the puppies facebook page, and of course on my own page… but here it is: Things happen and we go through … Continue reading

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The Fragility of Being

A room once used for giving birth to new life, is now converted to a place for dying. I’ve packed up the whelping box, and converted the space to be Kylie’s private quarters for her final days, perhaps weeks. Do … Continue reading

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K9 Search and Rescue – How To Get Started

I meet a lot of people that express a wish to get involved in SAR. They sometimes look around for how to get started, and meet with some closed doors, or other obstacles. Others are sometimes “referred” to units by … Continue reading

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Kylie’s Shambhavi Rose – A Geriatric Chat

After several months of steroids and doxycycline, weekly then bi-weekly, then monthly blood draws, a bone marrow test, and 3+ years of Artemisinin, Kylie [still] has normal bloodwork. And a compliment from the vet after I described the treatment with … Continue reading

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