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Intention Hill is home to a flock of Blackbelly Sheep, and a small group of wool sheep.

Setting up “House” – the new farm

Moving house is always a chore. I’ve moved from one coast of the United States to the other, and from the north to the south on both coasts. I always seem to dispose of volumes of “trash” and various and … Continue reading

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Many Gifts

It’s been so long since I have posted in my blog – but this happens. I have posted on the puppies facebook page, and of course on my own page… but here it is: Things happen and we go through … Continue reading

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The Fragility of Being

A room once used for giving birth to new life, is now converted to a place for dying. I’ve packed up the whelping box, and converted the space to be Kylie’s private quarters for her final days, perhaps weeks. Do … Continue reading

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Proof of Working (with evidentiary photos from the Trail Cams and the Canon)

Finding a need for a lot of sleep these days, I let the splendor of early morning roll by from the comfort of my bed. The pups went out in their best play pairs, and I would return to bed … Continue reading

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A Night For Jai

I came home late from work. Usually my landlady puts the sheep out when she gets home several hours earlier, but tonight she did not. It was Freya’s first day outside with the sheep, without her sister. So I kept … Continue reading

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Rover Roll Over…What Now?

I came home yesterday, the first day for my bummer lambs to be outside without my being here all day, to find they had squeezed through the night pen fencing, and were cavorting around the property with the LGD and … Continue reading

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Spring Means Predation

Spring gives rise to red fox and mountain lions. Some people see bears, but I don’t expect them until the Autumn. But I hope to be home in Oregon by that time. There have been several nights with strange and … Continue reading

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The Animals I began my flock in Amity Oregon with 3 ewes from Braeberry Farms (Cheryl Dutton) in Boring Oregon. I later obtained two more ewes and a ram, and later still, two additional ewes from Blacklocust Farm (Barb Lee). … Continue reading

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