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About Intention Hill

Intention Hill is the name of my collective hobbies of raising Blackbelley Sheep, Belgian Shepherds, and art. The name stems from time spent with Gurumayi Chivilasananda, and the power of intention, and the many sacred events on Topovan in Ganeshpuri, India.

Getting to Know the E Litter

December 19th is the date the E Litter of Intention Hill emerged. They came in typical fashion for puppies born here, which means they arrived quickly, with the first four being born in 30 minutes, and the next four in … Continue reading

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Rehoming Retired Show Dogs.

I was going to make my first post something lighthearted and funny, since that seems to be what most people want to read.  I even took some pictures for it.   Then I realized that there is at least… Source: Rehoming … Continue reading

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Sea Urchins

The C Litter of Intention Hill (The Seas) are developing very nicely. They’ve followed a path that primarily seems a week in advance of the A’s and Beez. That is to say that their development seems a bit more advanced … Continue reading

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High Seas

The C Litter of Intention Hill are a busy lot. Not only were they immediately robust upon exiting the womb, they have grown in this agility – they move at amazing speeds for newborn puppies, even nearly walk, instead of … Continue reading

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Welcome to the C Litter (The Seas)

Happy birthday and welcome to the C Litter of Intention Hill. #1 Grey Girl, 5:01am Pacific Time, 12.6 oz, Red Ribbon #2 Red Girl, 6:17am Pacific Time, 12.8 oz, Purple Ribbon #3 Grey male, 7:51am Pacific Time, 14.3 oz, Light … Continue reading

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Jack of All Trades vs. Specialist

Many dogs have their area of specialization, or excellence in potential. Other dogs seem to be able to do many things – a “jack of all trades.” Breeding and importing can be a crap shoot. Should we expect all dogs … Continue reading

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Setting up “House” – the new farm

Moving house is always a chore. I’ve moved from one coast of the United States to the other, and from the north to the south on both coasts. I always seem to dispose of volumes of “trash” and various and … Continue reading

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